Don’t Hide Your Donate Button

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You probably didn’t set out to hide your donation button, but somewhere along the line it happened. So here are some tips to make your website’s call to action more effective:

1. Include it in your top-level navigation

Many websites have multiple levels of navigation. For example, you might have a main navigation, a user navigation (usually in the top-right, in a smaller font, with a sign-in link), and a footer navigation (with links to auxiliary content). Navigation should not be built around categories but around behavior, what visitors of your website want most. Most likely, a good number of your website visitors want to give you money, and they would if you would just let them.

2. Use simple language

Avoid unclear language like “Support” or “Get Involved”. Those phrases are fine for other content like volunteering or making a gifts-in-kind donation. However, for the average donor visiting your website, they create more barriers. Use a simple, universal term like “Donate”. Consider that all major online retailers use the universal “check-out” language. Schools use the word “enroll”. Charities use the word “donate”.

3. Make it stand out

You don’t have to make it a big red button, but that’s certainly worth considering. While you want your donate button to be included with your main navigation, you also want it to stand out. Set the button’s background to an accent color which fits your website’s color pallet. You may even consider an icon to be used throughout your website, much like the shopping cart icon.

If you follow these basic steps, you will save your donors a great deal of headaches, and you may even increase your site’s conversion rate.

JonDon’t Hide Your Donate Button

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