Give Donors a PayPal Option

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With GiftFold, you can provide donors with two options for payments: credit card and PayPal. By accepting PayPal payments in addition to credit card payments, you can better reach constituents who feel more comfortable giving with PayPal.

From the Donor’s Perspective

Here’s how the process might work for a donor:

  1. On your website, a donor clicks “Donate with PayPal”
  2. Instead of sending them directly to PayPal, you use a special URL provided by GiftFold
  3. The donor lands on the PayPal donation form, logs in with their PayPal account, and designates their donation
  4. Once the donor is finished on PayPal’s website, they are redirected to a fully-branded confirmation page on GiftFold and receives a likewise fully-branded email receipt

Setup Instructions

If you’re interested in taking PayPal payments, here’s what you will need to do:

  1. Login into GiftFold’s admin interface
  2. Click “Settings” and then “Payments”
  3. Under “PayPal Express”, fill in your PayPal API credentials and click “Update Payment Settings”
  4. Add a Donate with PayPal link to your website using the URL provided
JonGive Donors a PayPal Option

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