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Are you a nonprofit organization looking to start collecting online donations? Did you know that simply adding a donate button to your website could help you raise thousands of dollars more each year?

Here at GiftFold, we want to help you reach your donors online. If you’re considering placing a donation button on your website for the first time, please read on. If you already have a big, shiny donation button on your website, just contact us to find out how we might help you save thousands of dollars in fees each year.

1. Sign up for GiftFold

To give you the best experience right off the back, we invite you to schedule a demo. This allows you to see all of the ways we can help you collect online donations with GiftFold.

Once you decide to sign-up for GiftFold, we’ll then help you get setup. No having to figure out things on your own! We can help you get started with taking credit cards, developing your online brand, and delighting your donors like never before.

2. Setup your online donation form

With your GiftFold account setup, you’ll have a standard donation form to start. We’d then invite you to setup another form using our Campaign Tool. You can have as many fundraising campaigns as you’d like – each customizable while sharing your brand.

3. Add the donate button

As a nonprofit, the donate button might be the most important feature of your website. We can put the button up for you, or you can do it. Either way, we have some recommendations about where to place it, and how to make it stand out.

If you’d like to find out more about getting a donate button added to your site, just give us a call! 855-984-7683

JonAdd a Donate Button to Your Site

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