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Dear Friends,

Today we make a difficult announcement – one that is particularly sad for me. As of today, we will begin the process of shutting down GiftFold.

When we started GiftFold, we set out to build a world-class fundraising platform – something that would revolutionize digital fundraising. But we didn’t. We failed. Our model just wasn’t sustainable. We aimed to do things differently, but our “different” didn’t work. We’ve found that we can’t be the best, and our customers deserve the best. So we’ve decided to close up shop.

Beginning today, we will no longer take on new customers. We’re effectively switching off all sales and marketing. For existing customers, we’ll continue operating for six more months – plenty of time to transition to an alternate fundraising platform.

Over the coming months, I’ll share some of the lessons we learned on my personal blog, I’d encourage you to read it if you’re interested in the startup process. I also want to encourage anyone with questions or concerns to contact me directly at

We’re immensely grateful for all of our customers, vendors, partners, and friends who helped us get started. It’s been a privilege to work with you all. Whatever your relationship to GiftFold has been, we want to say, “Thank you!”


Jon Berglund
Founder, GiftFold

JonWe’re shutting down

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