I'm the IT Director at Children's Hunger Fund, an awesome, faith-based organization which equips local churches to share food and hope with hungry children, both across the US and around the world. I've been officially doing IT for 13 years, love hiking and travel, love my wife even more, and most of all love that Jewish rabbi who died on a cross and broke out of the grave a long time ago. I also provide curbside, IT consulting and develop web apps, including a brilliant online fundraising application that's in the works called GiftFold.

We’re shutting down

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Dear Friends,

Today we make a difficult announcement – one that is particularly sad for me. As of today, we will begin the process of shutting down GiftFold.

When we started GiftFold, we set out to build a world-class fundraising platform – something that would revolutionize digital fundraising. But we didn’t. We failed. Our model just wasn’t sustainable. We aimed to do things differently, but our “different” didn’t work. We’ve found that we can’t be the best, and our customers deserve the best. So we’ve decided to close up shop.

Beginning today, we will no longer take on new customers. We’re effectively switching off all sales and marketing. For existing customers, we’ll continue operating for six more months – plenty of time to transition to an alternate fundraising platform.

Over the coming months, I’ll share some of the lessons we learned on my personal blog, I’d encourage you to read it if you’re interested in the startup process. I also want to encourage anyone with questions or concerns to contact me directly at

We’re immensely grateful for all of our customers, vendors, partners, and friends who helped us get started. It’s been a privilege to work with you all. Whatever your relationship to GiftFold has been, we want to say, “Thank you!”


Jon Berglund
Founder, GiftFold

JonWe’re shutting down
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What Do Donors Want?

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I just finished listening to Daniel Pink’s To Sell Is Human. If you haven’t read/listened to it, I highly recommend it. In it, he says,

The purpose of a pitch isn’t necessarily to move others immediately to adopt your idea. The purpose is to offer something so compelling that it begins a conversation, brings the other person in as a participant, and eventually arrives at an outcome that appeals to both of you.

I love that. A pitch, rightly thought of, begins a relationship, not a transaction. A transaction is one-time; a relationship is for-ever.

And I think that’s important. It’s important to nonprofits at least. It’s important because it’s what donors want.

JonWhat Do Donors Want?
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Creating Theme Customizations with Config Files

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The following article is intended for theme developers only. If you’re not familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it might just look like gobbledygook.

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again. One of our favorite features of GiftFold is its endless customization. In this article, we’re going to share a little bit about config files.

JonCreating Theme Customizations with Config Files
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Add a Donate Button to Your Site

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Are you a nonprofit organization looking to start collecting online donations? Did you know that simply adding a donate button to your website could help you raise thousands of dollars more each year?

Here at GiftFold, we want to help you reach your donors online. If you’re considering placing a donation button on your website for the first time, please read on. If you already have a big, shiny donation button on your website, just contact us to find out how we might help you save thousands of dollars in fees each year.

JonAdd a Donate Button to Your Site
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Adding Donor Logins to Your Theme

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The following article is intended for theme developers only. If you’re not familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it might just look like gobbledygook.

To enable the donor registration and login feature in GiftFold, follow these 3 steps:

1. Add a Sign-In Form to Your Theme’s Layout

We suggest you place a simple, inline form in the upper, right hand section of your layout. Users will expect to find it there, while visitors won’t feel like they have to login. To make it less obtrusive, you might consider hiding the form behind a “Login” link using JavaScript.

Here’s some code you can copy and paste into your theme to add a sign-in form (and sign out option if the visitor is already signed in):

{% if donor %}
<div>Signed in as {{ }}. <a href="{% signout_url %}">Sign Out</a></div>
{% else %}
{% signin_form %}
<label for="session_email">E-mail Address</label>
<input id="session_email" name="auth_key" placeholder="E-mail address" type="text" />
<label for="session_password">Your Password</label>
<input id="session_password" name="password" placeholder="Your password" type="password" />
<button type="submit">Sign In</button>
{% endsignin_form %}
{% endif %}

2. Add a Password and Password Confirmation Field to Your Form

Once your donors know they can sign-in, they will want to know how to register. Fortunately, we’ve made this process extremely simple for the donor. All they will need to do is add a password to their donation.

To add Donor Registration to your GiftFold theme, simply add these two inputs to your form template (templates/form.liquid):

<input name="donation[password]" type="password" value="{{ donation.password }}" />


<input name="donation[password_confirmation]" type="password" value="{{ donation.password_confirmation }}" />

If you want to go a step further, hide these inputs behind a “Click here to create an account” checkbox with some JavaScript.

3. Tell Your Donors

Once you’ve implemented the registration and login feature, you might want to tell your donors about it. We suggest you email them and let them know. It will give you another reason to talk them, and it might encourage them to come back and make another donation.

And that’s all! Pretty simple, right?

JonAdding Donor Logins to Your Theme
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Enabling Authorize.Net Silent Posts

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If you are using the Authorize.Net gateway, you can setup Silent Posts to track recurring gift transactions in GiftFold. By default, GiftFold is only aware of the initial setup of a recurring gift. Silent posts, however, enable you to see every subsequent recurring transaction as well. This will not only make your reports more accurate, you will be able to easily export the data from GiftFold rather than trying to export it from Authorize.Net.

JonEnabling Authorize.Net Silent Posts
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Increase Campaign Revenue with a Suggested Amount

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Some organizations like to get donors to commit to an amount from the very beginning. A good example of this is charity: water. This allows you to suggest varying amounts on different pages/emails, without suggesting an amount on the donation form itself. With GiftFold, its a very simple process.

If you use WordPress, simply install the GiftFold plugin and place the widget somewhere on your page. Configure the widget to use whichever GiftFold campaign URL you want (e.g.

If you don’t use WordPress, you will simply need to copy and paste the code below into your web page, while changing the form “action” to your own GiftFold campaign URL.

<form action="" method="get">
<input name="donation[amount]" type="text" value="" />
<input type="submit" value="Donate" />

JonIncrease Campaign Revenue with a Suggested Amount
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Give Donors a PayPal Option

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With GiftFold, you can provide donors with two options for payments: credit card and PayPal. By accepting PayPal payments in addition to credit card payments, you can better reach constituents who feel more comfortable giving with PayPal.

JonGive Donors a PayPal Option
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Simplify Your Donation Form

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Have you ever sat in the waiting room for a doctor, filling out one of those ridiculously long medical forms? You fill in your name, address, emergency contact, allergies, surgery history, and a massive array of answers to insanely detailed and personal questions – questions no person should ever ask another person. I’m going to bet it’s not your favorite experience; it’s certainly not ours here at GiftFold. Unfortunately, filling out a donation form is often much like that.

JonSimplify Your Donation Form
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