I'm the IT Director at Children's Hunger Fund, an awesome, faith-based organization which equips local churches to share food and hope with hungry children, both across the US and around the world. I've been officially doing IT for 13 years, love hiking and travel, love my wife even more, and most of all love that Jewish rabbi who died on a cross and broke out of the grave a long time ago. I also provide curbside, IT consulting and develop web apps, including a brilliant online fundraising application that's in the works called GiftFold.

Getting Started with Custom Themes

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One of our favorite things about GiftFold is the ability for our customers to fully-customize every last piece of HTML their donors see. And not just HTML; our customers can use any number of custom images, scripts, and stylesheets. With a robust theme engine using Liquid code and Amazon’s CloudFront CDN, we charities to create highly optimized and beautiful donation forms. So here’s what you need to know to get started.

JonGetting Started with Custom Themes
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Liquid Reference for Theme Developers

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The following article is intended for theme developers only. If you’re not familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it might just look like gobbledygook.

As a theme developer, you need more than HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You need access to campaign statistics (e.g. campaign goals vs amount actually raised), donation errors (e.g. invalid credit card), and receipt information (e.g. card expiration date). GiftFold gives you access to this data in the form of liquid objects.

Liquid is a template language developed and openly shared by the fine folks at Shopify. If you’re not already familiar with liquid, we suggest you check out Shopify’s article, Liquid Basics. If you’re already familiar with liquid, use the following reference to help you develop custom themes for GiftFold.

JonLiquid Reference for Theme Developers
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